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Boola Boola Band

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I have fond memories of the Boola Boola Band. There is next to nothing on the web now about them so I thought I'd blog about them here.

A school teacher of ours Neville Johnson videoed Peter, Lyndal and Brian performing in our 1993 Traralgon High School campsite "Welcola" 21st anniversary.  See

About Boola Boola

Boola Boola were a bush band whose members originally hailed from Traralgon (Gipsland, Victoria, Australia). The core members were Peter Chambers, Lyndal Chambers (Pete's sister and Brians partner) and Brian Strating. Boola Boola is the former name of the town of Tyers in Gippsland, Victoria.

I'm guessing about the history of the band. Looks like after these two albums Peter Chambers teamed up with (and married) Ruth McKittrick (flute, recorder, percussion) and Dominic Parsons (clarinet and saxophone) to form "Reggies Trio". According to the web pages I found they continued to do Australian folk festivals but also toured and even ran workshops in places like Vietnam and Vanuatu. The band is labeled as having some Celtic flavor.

Discography (I know of 2 albums. Both produced privately)
Graffiti Cafe, Boola Boola, BBCD 001 (1993)

  1. Amazon Song 4:01
  2. Marie's Wedding 3:57
  3. Can You Imagine 3:06
  4. Honey Dripper 3:43
  5. Warragul Creek 2:03
  6. Nell Connors 3:15
  7. Unemployment Blues 2:59
  8. That's the way the World goes Round 3:33
  9. Graffiti Cafe 3:39
  10. Whale Song 5:41
  11. Finnigan's Wake 1:47
  12. Burrawinna 2:37
  13. I ain't got no Home 3:47
  14. Seeds of the Wattle 2:31

Wanoom, Boola Boola, BBCD 002 (1996)

  1. After The Battle 2:14
  2. Wanoom 3:50
  3. The Ballad of Charlie Tarra 3:34
  4. The Hag 2:58
  5. Jimmy Krakouer 4:05
  6. Travelling Song 1:29
  7. Albany Whaling Song 4:27
  8. Which Side are You On ? 2:15
  9. Get it Right 3:59
  10. Bonny James Campbell Ashokan Farewell 4:01
  11. Hi de Hi 2:50
  12. Purple Hills 2:49
  13. Jandamarra 1:25
  14. Poet's Day Smash the Windows 2:40
  15. Privatisation Blues 3:33
  16. Moe Man 4:41
  17. Dunmore Lassies 3:59

Personal Memories

I have the "Graffiti Cafe" album. It was produced and engineered by Simon Grounds (another Traralgon High School friend) and the Boolas.

We saw Boola Boola perform many years ago at Coal Creek music festival (Coal Creek Heritage Village, in Korumburra, Victoria). I was playing in a gospel band in the village chapel, while Boola were playing outdoors in the rotunda. My wife even bought a Boola Boola T-Shirt. I also saw them play at a Traralgon High School camp anniversary (see above). Great fun.

I see Steve Messer's band "Strange Country" payed with Reggies Trio in 2002. We know the Messer family through various connections. Nice guy Steve.

More Google Digging

Gigs - These guys played lots of festivals. I found these without too much effort.
  • Port Fairy Folk Festival (1989, 1991, 1993, 1997)
  • Coal Creek Heritage Village Music Festival
  • Boolarra Folk Festival (2003)
  • Maldon Folk Festival
  • Vietnam tour as Regies Trio (2002?)
  • Vanuatu tour as Regies Trio (2003) - Vanuatu web page

Where are they now?

Peter passed on early 2018. Haven't talked to the others for many years. 

From Left: Lyndal, Brian, Peter (from inside CD cover)

Graffiti Cafe CD cover (1993).

Thanks for the music. RIP Pete. You were much loved by the Traralgon High School group. I'm sure where ever you are now music is involved.