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Opus 21 Big Band

First time I've seen Opus Twenty One big band, or the Ringwood Lake soundshell for that matter. Wonderful band. Top musicians.
Great sound especially for a live outdoor gig. Sean you are did a fab job of the vocals.

Sean hope you enjoy these snaps I took today. The Video will show as soon as Google YouTube have finished rendering it.

Sean Flynn Singing "She Caught the Katy"

I was so pleased to hear you sing "She Caught the Katy and Left me a mule to ride". One of my all time favourite songs.
I grew up listing to Taj Mahal sing this (way before the Blues Brothers made it popular). In fact it was written by the great
manolin player Yank Rachell (1910-1997) and Taj Mahal.

Taj links
My favorite Taj Mahal albums: Natch'l Blues & Giant Step (click through to Amazon and preview the tracks)

Tracks on YouTube
  • The Cuckoo - all time favorite Blues Harp song
  • Stagger Lee - Taj Mahal live in concert

    Tag Mahal - Tagger Lee

  • Ain't that a lot of love - Written by Homer Banks W.D Parker.
    This song provided the basic riff later used by the Spencer David Group for Gimme Some Lovin.
  • Taj singing Mailbox Blues live

  • Fishing Song - A Taj classic

Deep in concentration. Cowbell in hand.  The two ladies are sisters? or sisters in-law. The one singing is married to the drummer who runs the band.

Is the band leader Barry Clarke? on drums?
You know I could not find the band's home page on the web.

Found Contact info on a web page...

Opus Twenty One (Eastern Suburbs Community) Big Band Incorporated
c/o 16 Haydn Street, Blackburn, Victoria, 3130, Australia – President: Barry Clarke
Ph: (61 3) 9894 1511   Mob: 0418 179 370  Email:

A minutes silence for the 200+ bushfire victims.

Man I love the sound of that Washburn bass.