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Rembrandts Band

What fun working at Rembrandt's restaurant (mid 80's). Writing charts. Shows. At the same time time studying Elec Engineering at CIT.

Peter Nichols (Guitar.Voc), Kathy Della (Keys/Voc), Noel Howells (DMS) and head show girl Jan Rogers. And me (yes moes were cool then)  

For the show and the last bracket(s) we always had 2 horn players come and join us on stage.
This night we had Tim ?? (clarinet and sax) and John McCullock (are pictured below behind Peter).

See you in Glory Pete

Our fearless leader and friend - Vin Lopes- Show director and Rembrandts owner (with co-owner brother John).
Originally Vin played Guitar & Sang with us in the band. 

More photos below

Floor Shows

Bill Medley: Comedian - Old floor show video (Band: Pete, Rob, Greg, Mike)

Peter Gray: Mime - link

Magician Ricky Ozmo at Rembrandts

More Photos

Noel and Pete with Bill & David Belcher


Many thanks Leon Blackman for the following 4 photos

Leon recalls: I attached a group staff shot - one you might like to share with Noel and Kathy. They are in it but you, the trumpeter (cant recall his name) and Peter are not. Vin, Bill Meadley, Peter Grey, Joanne Ragg (with a slice of Phil) - oh and James (any idea what happened to him? Also below is the photo hanging in the bio-cabin. Hard to take the picture because the glass is reflective. The four are Rick Ponton (Sound), Dave Waldren (Spotlight) Me (Lights) and Chris Peschke (Spotlight)


History - Reforming the Rembrandt's Show Band 

Here's how I remember it (but my memory can be foggy)...

The Rembrandt's main stage band (then the Joe Roberto band) was a finely tuned part of the Rembrandt's night of entertainment (dinner music >> Dance music >> Full Floor Show >> Big band with  big dance songs ). Vin Lopes (owner) ultimately wanted to sing in the band at his own venue. He did a fill-in gig with "Backwater" and liked my bass playing/singing. He also liked his friend Mike Jordan's Jazz drumming/singing.  He suggested that if I joined the function band upstairs (with Noel & Max Lee) then at least I had a foot in the door.. closer to working at the best gig in town. So I joined the upstairs trio. 

Eventually it all went down. Vin took over main vocals & guitar. Me on Bass. The original drummer Tom remained for a time as did Joe Roberto on keyboards. In time Vin replaced the drummer with Mike Jordan and Mike's friend Greg Riddell replaced Joe on keys. Somewhere in the middle Vin left to focus on management and show duties so brought in Singer/Guitarist Peter Nichols. Peter was a natural entertainer/front man. Noel Howells became the drummer when Mike moved on. Then Greg (keys) moved on and we auditioned Kathy Della.  This was a stable happy line up for a few years. 

As stable as things were it was me who eventually left after 3 years.  I guess a) I'd been there longer than the others. and b) although I pushed out new charts and challenges I could no longer get the band to practice any more. Anyway we couldn't seem to resolve this situation so I gave notice. Years later we entertained the thought of me rejoining but by then I'd got very rusty had lost confidence on stage and singing at the mic. 

Vin was right, it was the best job in town. A place where we rode a motorized stage out each night. Where the roof raised on hydraulic rams so the AV control room looked down on the stage. We had state-of-the-art PA and lighting. Unique creative challenges. All the staff pitched in at show time. And we played to a happy family type crowds of 500 to 800 people each night.  Most of all we did this all as a team under the guidance of Vin Lopes whose vision and energy made it all come to life. 

Noel Howells & Max Lee's Trio (Bounty)

Glad to see Max and Noel are still playing together. Max doing more guitar playing (blues and bluegrass etc).
I see they also have a new band called Juke Street.  Here's a recent YouTube clip of the guys. 

Nice 2015 Band shot from Max's Facebook page.  Geoff Stokes (bass), Max Lees (Guitar), Noel Howells (Drums).
What's the secret to keeping hair? :-) 

Other Notes