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Credit Card

Notes my Commonwealth Visa Credit card....

  • Girl at Phone bank noticed the main streamline account was on a $5 / month free with additional $5 feeds for various stuff. She then mentioned OH there is a new systems where you pay $4/m and get unlimited free FPOS, unlimited free withdrawls -- Would I like that. Silly question! So we are now on $4/m unlimited access. Of course transferring money from other bank ATMs still imposes a fee.
  • Simple Credit card
    • $24 /yr - Fee is waved if you spend > $1000 a year.
    • Purchase 55 days interest free. Then 19.24%.
      So if you pay the card off every month at pay day it costs you nothing extra to buy stuff.
    • Extra card for your partner = $0
    • Cash advance 20.74% --What!!!! Never take a cash advance! Never transfer money from your Visa account. Better to drive down to Safeways and buy the groceries using the Visa card (55 days free credit). And never say yes to "Cash Out?" on your Visa card.
    • IMPORTANT: Make several purchases, and then do a cash advance in the same month and you lose the 55 day interest free deal immediately on all those purchases. Didn't know that one!
  • Awards Credit card
    • $59 /yr - No waving of of spend lots
    • Purchase 55 days interest free. Then 19.74%. 
    • Extra card for your partner = $12/y
  • Low Rate card 
    • 12.49% but costs $49 /y with no waver.
I've cancelled the Award Points card. Stupid schemes never gave us any benefit. Just hassle jumping though marketing hoops.
Commonwealth Bank have ditched the Visa Card -- Because I've switch off awards, there will be a new card issued.. a Master Card card with new number 

The only difference between Vista and Master, is on International transactions Vista is converted to $Aus at purchase. While Master card is paid with US currency and converted to $Aus later... or some such thing.