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Why don't I see Japanese chars?

A Unicode application does not guarantee all languages will display correctly.
East Asian, as well as complex script and right-to-left languages must be enabled in the control panel.
Also some fonts may not be applicable to the language (eg. In Word changing the font of your Japanese text may cause it to become unreadable).

Windows Windows XP

  1. Go to Control Panel > Regional and Language Options > Languages tab.
  2. Use the checkboxes to enable the required languages.
    1. The 1st checkbox installs - Arabic, Armenian, Georgian, Hebrew, Indic, Thai and Vietnamese languages.
    2. The 2nd checkbox installs - Chinese, Japanese and Korean languages.
  3. Press OK or Apply. The required language files are copied (your Windows CDROM may be required).
  4. A reboot is usually required. EG. I just enable East Asian then and my Japanese chars did not display correctly until I rebooted.

Windows Vista

Windows Vista Ultimate shows my Japanese chars by default.
In Vista you specify a language pack to load. When I click "Remove languages" all I see is the English pack (which is the system language and can't be removed). So the East Asian languages seem to be part of Vista Ultimate SP1.

Here is the Control Panel > Regional and Language Options dialog. The Install/uninstall languages blue button, displays the dialog (right).