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HP EliteBook 8540w

  • CPU i7 Q720 1.60MHz 
  • 4GB RAM -- 2x DDR3 PC3-10600 SDRAM (1333 MHz)
  • Hard Disk: ST9250410AS - 250GB
  • NVIDIA Quadro FX 880M
  • Windows 7 Enterprise  64bit

PerformanceTest by PassMark Software

System Drive - ST9250410AS - 250GB
USB 3.0 Mobile Drive - WDC WD50 - WD Black Label 7200 rpm Mobile
Same Mobile Disk on USB 2.0 port

USB 2.0 Mobile drive - WD Passport

VHD Drive -- Virtual drive created by Win 7 Disk Manager.

Using CrystalDisk Mark
Shows different sized chunks.

Main HDD


Ken's SSD (Looks like a high throughout bus)

My HP machine with new SSDs  fitted to C: and D: (PGP enabled on C:)

Windows Index

Windows 7 64bit Host -- 4GB RAM

Windows Index -- Host with 8GB RAM. 
(PC came with 2x 2GB modules under Keyboard. Add 2x 2GB modules to expansion ports under back panel)

Disabled PGP Whole disk encryption and changed to 256GB Crucial SSDs.

SSD with PGP encryption 

VMWare -- Win 7 Ultimate 32 bit Guest

Windows Index -- VMWare Guest -- 1 Processor, 2 cores, 2 GB RAM
   (note the poor performance of the Processor and Ram. VMs have great HD performance)

Turn on Intel Virtualization in BIOS + add 4 cores -- Process up 10 points!!
8 GB RAM in host had no effect on guest.

Changed VM to 8 cores (match Host) - Previously was 4 cores/threads.

Previous on 4GB host, selecting > 1GB Guest memory cause very slow experience. But now with 8GB I can up Guest memory.

Guest now 2GB RAM (previously recommended 1 GB) -- Lost hard disk performance.

15-Mar-2011 -- Replaced drives with 2x Crucial 256GB SSDs (So Optical drive is now an SSD).

With PGP Full disk encryption disabled:
  • 33 seconds - boot to login screen.
  • 15 seconds - Login to Desktop loaded with all tray icons showing.
  • 14 seconds shutdown.

With PGP Full disk encryption enabled:
  • 50 seconds - From PGP login to Desktop loaded.
  • 30 seconds - Desktop loaded to all tray icons loaded.
  • 18 seconds shutdown.
Problems installing SSDs and Decrypting the PGP encrypted disk

Checking corrupt IS DLLs

The windows utility sfc.exe (system file checker) be used to verify or repair all OS files. 
If it does not run, make sure the service "Windows Modules Installer" is running -- Run "services.mcs" to check. Should be set to manual.
Start the service and run sfc /scannow.

Ref: [1] [2]

New PC Build

DGTechnology (highly recommended) rebuilt my Desktop dev machine. 2/12/2011

 Remember the Windows Experience Index is rated 1.0 to 7.9.

If I switch to on board Video only the Video score plummits.

However when using the onboard Video to drive a 3rd monitor, I can watch BluRay Video using PowerDVD 11 on that monitor. But not on the other monitors (off the old GForce).