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Windows 8 & Samsung Slate 7

How to Install Win 8 on a Samsung Slate 7

Notes on installing the Windows 8 (Release or Consumer Preview) on a Samsung Slate 7 tablet.

I chose to blow the existing Windows 7 installation. I'm only interested in Win 8 and the touch version of Win 7 is painful to use.

This page based on MosoLee notes: [1] [2]

  • Preparing a USB Stick (4 GB or greater)
  •     Format USB drive as FAT32 on a Win7/Win8 PC.
        To do this open a Command Prompt, and type diskpart to get a DISKPART> prompt then perform the following actions in order:
  1. list disk  //find USB device number
  2. select disk 1  //careful! select USB drive
  3. clean
  4. create partition primary
  5. select partition 1
  6. active
  7. format quick fs=fat32  //UEFI can only USB boot to FAT32, not NTFS
  8. assign  //In this example, USB mount point become F: when assigned.
  9. exit
    Finally XCopy the files to the USB stick from your mounted ISO -- Here I'm copying H: files to F: --- xcopy H:\* F:\ /s /e

  • Enter BIOS / Boot device menu
    • My Slate has a Windows Start button. To boot into BIOS, start windows while holding the Windows Start key down.
      To be precise: Shutdown the tablet (no sleep). Then while holding down the Start button, press/release the power button. Count 2 seconds and release the Start button.
    • BIOS/Boot device menu appears. Select the "Enter Setup" item 
      (using Volume Up/Dn and Rotate buttons to navigate. Hold Rotate down to make Up/Dn act as Left/Right).
    • In Bios enable the USB Legacy support -- This enables USB keyboard to work.
    • Set BIOS setting "UEFI Boot Support" = Disable (You can enable this again after install. I didn't but it seemed to run just fine).
      Interesting: I wasn't booting from the USB devise, so I Enabled UEFI and it booted, but then failed to reformat the disk. Went back to BIOS and Disabled UEFI again and this time I could boot from the USB device and install succeeded.
    • In Bios you can change the boot priority to boot from the USB Stick (with Win8 install image) before the hard drive.
      (but given my Slate has a boot device selection in the BIOS/Boot Device screen there is probably no point unless you get stuck).
  • Boot from USB stick and install Windows 8
    • Plugin USB drive to slate. Press and Hold Start button, then power up the slate. Release Start button after 2 seconds.
    • You will see the BIOS/Boot Device menu. The USB stick should be at the top of the bootable device list. Select it and hit enter (or rotate button)
  • When the PC reboots yank the USB stick. 
    If it boots into the USB Stick setup again just yank the USB stick and reboot. The Win 8 Setup will continue where it left off.
  • Note that Windows 8 provides all drivers required by the Slate 7 tablet 
    (except the screen rotate stuff which you will need to get from SamSung -- See link below).
  • Finally MosoLee says to re-enable the UEFI BIOS setting. I didn't bother. Runs fine. I'm assuming you could get startup a tad faster with UEFI enabled, but for me it's already very fast.


Official Samsung Slate 7, Win 8 Preview site: http://www.samsung.com/global/windowspreview/