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Win 8 Tips

Handy Shortcut Key

  • Windows+Tab Keys - Shows running Metro apps (metro left side bar appears).
  • Alt+Tab Keys - As always displays list of running including the metro apps.

Clean Install of Windows 8 Pro from Upgrade offer?

So if you have old Windows and purchase the Win 8 upgrade offer. Yes you can do a clean install. You would download to USB stick (with 3GB available) or DVD and reboot off that. When install starts you will see the usual options to Upgrade or Custom. Select Custom and you can do a clean install, as well as create partitions and reformat etc. The special download will require that old Windows (XP/7/Vista) is detected on your hard disk.

Shut Down Commands as Metro Tiles?

  • Shutdown: shutdown.exe -s -t 00
  • Restart Computer: shutdown.exe -r -t 00
  • Lock Workstation: rundll32.exe user32,dll,LockWorkStation
  • Hibinate Computer: rundll32.exe powerProf.dll.SetSuspendState
  • Sleep Computer: rundll32.exe powerprof.dll,SetSuspendState 0,1,0
Create the required shortcuts in the Windows desktop. Move them to 

If the new tiles don't appear on the Start Screen Search for the shortcuts using the Search Charm and pin them to the Start Screen.

Windows Install on USB

Microsoft provides a tool called "Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool". This tool can help create a windows 7/8 USB install drive.

NTLDR is Missing Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to reboot

After installing Windows 8 on my DELL Laitutude XT Notebook (Win 8 installed via DVD) I rebooted and got "NTLDR is missing press Ctr+Alt+Del to reboot" (Windows would not start). 

There are several solutions around the internet. For me it was just a matter of unplugging any attached USB devices. Then switching on the notebook it booted into Windows 8 fine.