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Notes for my DELL Latitude XT

Hard Disk Replacement

  • Instructions for removal
  • DELL-Latitude-XT (Aaron's XT - 80GB 4200RPM)
    • SAMSUNG HS082HB 80G 4200RPM Spinpoint N2, 1.8-inch Ultra mobile, PATA-ZIF connector 
    • Samsung HS08XJC 80G 5400RPM (DELL Part no WX813 )
  • DELL-Latitude-XT (Rob's XT - 120GB 5400RPM)
    • SAMSUNG HS122JC Spinpoint N1, 1.8-inch Ultra mobile, PATA-ZIF connector 
      AKA - DELL  YM012 120.0GB Hard Drive ZIF
  • Australian DELL parts guy gave us the following DELL part numbers
    • Part Number: WX813 – 80GB
      Total price including GST & delivery: $181.50
    • Part Number: YM012 – 120GB
      Total price including GST & delivery: $279.40
    • Part Number: PT763 – 160GB
      Total price including GST & delivery: $323.40

Looking at http://www.databe.com/samsung-laptop-disk.php
These look similar...  ????
Looking for a cheap SSD Replacement
  • Purchased in Australia: 128 GB AU$335
  • The SSD worked. The only problem is the ZIF connector is back to front. Being slightly off centre means the drive (much thinner) does not fit the cavity. If you force it in the ZIP ribbon connector will pop out. However with the insulation blank around the hard disk, the disk sites ruffly in place -- the compartment lid holds it firm. Normally we have no need to open the battery\disk compartment lid.

    Under Windows 7 the SSD is very fast.

- Loosen 2 side screws, then lift metal frame that holds the harddisk away from the PC.
- Then pull the blue tab so that the orange disk ribbon cable is unplugged from the PC. Remove the disk.

Here's the orange cable at the end of the disk.
Firmly wriggle the ribbon out of the hard disk slot (ZIF interface). Insert into the new SSD slot (for the Mach SSD flip the SSD upside down). 

The 120GB disk removed. - A Samsung HS122JC/D