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ErrSt_SysFileNotFound = 'Installation Error. Error reading
system file or file not found.|%s';

ErrSt_MSHelp2RTNotFound = 'MS Help 2.x runtime files are
not installed on this PC.';

ErrSt_NotAdminMode = 'You must be logged on as an Administrator.';
ErrSt_Extra = 'Installation/registration of Help files cannot proceed.';

Msg_Registering = 'Registering Online Documentation Files:';

Msg_UnRegistering = 'Unregistering Online Documentation Files:';

Msg_Merging_Namespaces = 'Merging Help - This may take several minutes';

Msg_Registering_Namespaces =  'Registering Namespaces';

Msg_Registering_Titles =  'Registering Titles';

Msg_Registering_Plugins =  'Registering Plug-ins';

Msg_Registering_Filters =  'Registering Filters';

Msg_LoggingNSInfo = 'Logging Namespace Info';

Msg_UnRegistering_Namespaces =  'Unregistering Namespaces';

Msg_UnRegistering_Titles =  'Unregistering Titles';

Msg_UnRegistering_Plugins =  'Unregistering Plug-ins';

Msg_UnRegistering_Filters =  'Unregistering Filters';

PopupSt_FinalRegError = 'There were errors reported while Registering help files.||View Log file?';

PopupSt_FinalUnRegError = 'There were errors reported while Unregistering help files.||View Log file?';