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Blood Type Diet

The big fad today is the high protein, low carb diet. The South Beach Deit started me off. Even in Australia our CSIRO have recently (2005) published: Total Wellbeing Diet.

Please take care. This type of diet does not suit all people. In fact it made me extremely sick. I was eating lean organic red meat about 3 times a week thinking it was good for me. A year or two later my health collapsed completely.

Please read on. Make sure you know what you are doing before starting a high protein / low carb diet.

Eat Right 4 Your Type

The book I recommend for you is called "Eat Right 4 Your Type". It claims (with lots of deep scientific evidence to back it up) that there is no one diet that suits everyone. We are all different and digest foods differently. However human beings can be categorized into 4 main groups according to our blood types.

Apparently 80-90% of all people that try the blood type diet find that...
  • They lose weight easily
  • Chronic health problems decrease
  • Many reduce medication dosage after as little as a week on the diet
  • Cholesterol fall where nothing else has worked
  • Depression and mental illnesses suffers are helped significantly.

The bulk of the worlds population are O-type blood. The next big group is A-type then B & AB. I'm A-Type. O-Type do very well on High protein diet. For A-Types it's not good at all.

In my case I hit a brick wall (health wise) in 2005. I was convinced that, as my health continued to collapse, I would have to retire from work and go onto some kind of medication for depression and stress. Some type of toxic stress seemed to smother my body and mind and I was getting more distressed and unable to function in my work. My diet was excellent according to most dietary experts. But I seemed to be one of those people who was allergic to the modern city and should move to the outback to get away from city pollution.

When I say I was eating all the right things.. I ate mostly fresh organic foods and organic meats. BTW stay well away from Pork. It's one of the few animals that don't have sweat glands. And so all the injections and rubbish that they ingest is passed straight on to you. Initially I made the mistake of including pork while on a high protein diet and ended up extremely sick.

Anyway I was advised to read the book "Eat Right 4 your type".

I had been on the "recommended" High Protein diet for the past 1-2 years. During that time I continued to put on weight and felt worse and worse. I have to say that the high protein diet is a farce (but probably works great for Type-O blood people).

One of the things the ER4YT book told me was that Blood Type-O people have strong stomach acid and thrive on red meat, while Blood Type-A people (me) have low stomach acid and cannot digest red meat fully. The undigested meat rots in the stomach and turns into a toxic residue - which seemed to explain my feelings of high toxic stress throughout my body and mind.

Turn Around

Within 2-3 days of quitting red meat all the toxic stress disappeared. Within a 1-2 weeks I was feeling 50% recovered. Within about 8 weeks I had more energy and was almost ready to return to work. After 11 weeks I had lost 10 KG (22 lbs) of weight simply as a byproduct of the diet.

I've been walking and trying to do gym etc all my life with no long lasting results. My friend started an O-Type diet about the same time as I started an A-Type diet. He lost 12 KG (26.4 lbs) in just 12 weeks. We go out for dinner and eat whatever we like but stay within the confides of the diet. I find it's an easy diet to follow. One that can easily be sustained for life (unlike most other diets). No skipping meals, no cutting back on eating, no fad or unbalanced eating plans such as cutting out all fruit and grains.

The diet is simple. The book categorizes foods into Benificial, Neutral and Avoid. The Benifical foods fight disease and promote health. The Neutral foods just provide nutrition. The Avoid foods are foods that can cause you health problems if you eat too much of them.

We now experienced no food cravings and just feel so much better.

A friend who has never been able to get his high cholesterol down has the book at the moment. Waiting for a report from him. My wife's parents have my other book. They are interested in the cancer fighting properties of foods.

Summing up

Its been only 12 weeks and boy I feel so much better
  • The weight loss is a byproduct. I am delighted to lose 10KG and still losing.
  • Last year I had bad dizzy spells. I felt very old and near the end of life. Today — I feel young again.
  • Stress is completely gone. Remarkably if I have red meat it comes back.
  • Concentration is better than it has been for years.
  • Depression and mental black cloud have gone.
  • Food cravings.
  • Is good to know that you are eating food that actively fights cancer and disease.
  • If I think hard I can probably find lost of other things that are now been fixed — like acute itching of ears and bottom. That high pitched hissing people get in their ears is gone. Weak chest, exhaustion, completely running out of energy during the day.. all gone. Diagnosed with Chronic allergies and depressed immune system - that seems OK now as well (according to my doctor).

Get The Book

I highly recommend the book. Apparently a huge best seller when it came out around 1999.


Diet Charts

I've scrapped the food info and created some Blood type diet food charts:

Finding Your Blood Type - Secretor Test

If you don't donate blood then you may not know your blood type. You can organize a test with a pathology lab. To do this properly you should also find out if you are secretor or non-secretor.

Good luck as your search for better health