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BloodType Secretor Test

Saliva Secretor Status

You will notice that the secretor diet differs from the non-secretor diet.
I'm in Melbourne Australia but these tests are available everywhere.

Melbourne Pathology

Melbourne Pathology need a referral from your doctor. The test is called "IGA Salivary". No food or water 2 hrs before test. You simply spit 1/2 mm of salivar into a container. This is packed in ice and sent to Sydney. Results in 2-3 weeks. You pay a doctors fee + pathology lab fee.

General Diagnostic Laboratories

General Diagnostic Laboratories don't need a referral from your doctor. The ''Saliva Secretor Status' test costs $30 for the test, and $12.35 processing fee. So about $42.35. Sorry no medicare rebate is available on this type of test. They mail you the test kit; you spit in the bottle and send it back to them. Results in 1-2 weeks. They also do blood tests (secretor status is useless without knowing your blood type).

General Diagnostic Laboratories
68 Burwood Hwy, Burwood Vic.
Melbourne, Australia
(03) 9808 2122

What is ''Saliva Secretor Status"?

Saliva can secrete, or not secrete your blood type info.

Why do I need my ''Saliva Secretor Status"?

Read the book "Eat Right For Your Type" ("Eat Right 4 Your Type"). Those of us trying to tune our health using diet and not drugs this book is a life saver. Over many years Dr. Peter D'Adamo and his father have cataloged which foods suite certain people according to their blood type and secretor status. He goes into great detail describing how certain foods can cause toxic effects in some people.

I've been trying to tune my health using diet all my adult life. Chemical allergies ruled my life and I found that diet made an enormous difference to how I felt and coped. In the end I just could not get it right. My health broke completely down and I was forced to stop working for a while — I started exercising, joined a tennis club and a gym, and luckily my Naturopath put me on to ER4YT. My crippling allergies actually seemed 80% better after 2 days of following the diet.

Most of us who have struggled with weight problems, chronic allergies and other disabling illnesses have made a huge improvement, if not a total recovery, by following the Blood Type diet.

I purchased the book "Live Right 4 Your Type" which is newer and I assume more up to date than the original "Eat Right 4 Your Type".

For more info see Dr. Peter D'Adamo web site here:

Foods charts are here:

For my own diet story see my Wiki / blog page - BloodTypeDiet

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