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The Genie From Down Under

It's finally out on DVD. The much loved Australian children's series that many Aussie kids grew up with. Only 2 series were ever made.

Apparently it came out on DVD in 2010 but I don't think it reached retail (maybe ACTF were distracted by other things). 

I spoke to Alison at ACTF and she assures me it is now available on DVD (even though the web site says not available). 
ACTF do sell the 2 DVDs via their Learning center & education center. Unfortunately this makes the DVDs AU$39 each.
Eventually they hope that some retail outlets will make the DVDs available at regular consumer prices.
I will keep you posted as I find out more info.
If you do want the 2x DVDs now (and are mad enough, like me, to pay the education pricing of $39 each + $8 postage) you can contact Alison via the ACTF web site and order by phone...