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Wind Energy

Windterra - ECO 1200 1 kW Vertical Axis Wind Turbine
  • The ECO1200 utilizes innovative technology to operate in winds as light as 3 m/s (10.8 km/h, 6.7 mph), with a unique, silent braking system that prevents its turbine from rotating in excess of 225 rpm.
  • http://www.windterra.com
OZ: "Graeme Attey" roof top wind - modula 50W for $500
1.5Kw Swift from Scotland
Helix Wind Turbines
QuietRevolution? - Quiet, 6KW, Operates in Winds of 4m/s - 16m/s

According to EnergyMatters Australia
  • The National Australia Bank has granted wind turbines industrial product status. Consequently, apply to lease a turbine on a standard commercial basis and benefit from the taxation and cash flow benefits.
MEGLEV - Sounds too good to be true